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Fiber Broadband Association’s Statement on the FCC’s Orders on Business Data Services and Wireline Infrastructure Deployment

For over a decade, the federal government has sought to accelerate the deployment of all-fiber networks, because fiber is more reliable and performs better than other technologies. These networks drive economic growth, social interaction, and civic participation. But rebuilding our communications infrastructure with fiber is time- consuming and expensive. It requires communities, governments and the private sector to all pull in the same direction.

The Fiber Broadband Association and its members applaud Chairman Pai and his colleagues on the important steps taken today in accelerating our connected future by looking to remove barriers to investment in and deployment of faster, fiber-fed networks. (see FCC News Release here) We believe a robust record exists on common sense issues like refining pole attachment processes and ensuring timely access to local rights-of-way, as well as other steps governments at all levels can take to speed the deployment of these advanced networks. We also believe that a robust record, collected during the investigation into Business Data Services, demonstrated that sufficient competition exists in these markets to justify reduced regulatory oversight, which will further incent fiber deployment for these high capacity services. 

We look forward to working with the Chairman, his colleagues and other leaders at the Commission on these important issues. 




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