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Fiber Broadband Association Recognizes Award Recipients During 2017 Fiber Connect Conference


Fiber Broadband Association Recognizes Award Recipients During 2017 Fiber Connect Conference

Orlando, Florida (June 13, 2017) — This week, the Fiber Broadband Association (FBA) held the 2017 Fiber Connect Conference and Expo, joined by over 1,400 FTTH professionals across the fiber industry. As part of the annual event, the Fiber Broadband Association honored the extraordinary organizations and individuals who have championed the advancement of the fiber broadband industry throughout the past year.

The Chairman’s Award singles out an individual or company that has shown tremendous effort to promote, educate, or accelerate fiber-to-the-home. The 2017 winners of the Chairman’s Award are Corning and Verizon. Over the past year, both these companies have demonstrated an exemplary commitment to the industry and its continued success, most notably by Verizon’s recent $1.05 billion purchase agreement with Corning for next generation optical solutions.

The Star Award recognizes a person, community, or company that has gone above and beyond what is expected in the advancement of fiber to the home. This year’s recipient of the Star Award is Bell Canada. Founded in 1880, Bell Canada is the country’s largest communications company, offering broadband fiber services such as Fibe TV and Gigabit Internet to millions of Canadians. Expanding fiber-to-the-home throughout urban centers in seven provinces, including the country’s largest cities Toronto and Montréal, Bell Canada is a North American leader in broadband investment and innovation.

The Photon Award recognizes a Fiber Broadband Association member who, through volunteer contribution, has demonstrated a high level of dedication to the organization and has contributed greatly to the industry. The 2017 winner of the Photon Award is Kevin Kress, Application Engineer at Clearfield. Kevin has expertly organized and led the Technology Committee, demonstrating true organizational excellence through his Action Item Register (AIR).

“These award recipients—as well as all of our Fiber Broadband Association members—represent some of the best and brightest in the fiber broadband industry,” said Fiber Broadband Association President and CEO Heather Burnett Gold. “We’re proud to have such outstanding people and companies with us on the path to the fiber future. Fiber is here and it’s bigger and better than ever. We look forward to seeing what these award recipients have in store for the future of high-speed fiber broadband.”


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The Fiber Broadband Association—formerly the Fiber to the Home Council Americas—is the largest and only trade association in the Americas dedicated to the pursuit of all fiber optic network infrastructure to the home, to the business, and to everywhere. The Fiber Broadband Association helps providers make informed decisions about how, where, and why to build better broadband networks with fiber optics, while counting on its members to lead the organization forward, collaborate with industry allies, and propel fiber optic deployment forward. Since 2001, these companies, organizations, and people have worked with our communities and consumers in mind to build a better broadband future here and around the world. Learn more at


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