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Fiber Broadband Association Calls on FCC to Remove Barriers to Infrastructure Investment and Accelerate Wireline Broadband Deployment



Fiber Broadband Association Calls on FCC to Remove Barriers to Infrastructure Investment and Accelerate Wireline Broadband Deployment


Washington, DC (June 15, 2017) — Today, the Fiber Broadband Associations (FBA) submitted comments in response to the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) notice of proposed rulemaking on docket number 17-84. FBA commends the FCC's effort to explore ways to remove burdensome regulations and other barriers inhibiting broadband deployment nationwide, which is essential to accelerate the deployment of next generation networks.


Demand for higher-performance broadband services by consumers, businesses, and institutions is skyrocketing. In response, broadband service providers are rapidly deploying all-fiber networks capable of meeting this growing demand. However, providers continue to encounter barriers from some of the entities that own or control the critical infrastructure that is necessary to broadband deployment. These barriers effectively thwart faster deployment while generating significant capital expenses that often stall projects before they can even begin.


In today’s filing, FBA proposed several significant steps that would reduce barriers while making it easier, faster, and less costly to deploy next generation networks.


  • First, the Commission should amend its pole attachment rules to address practices of many pole owners and existing attachers that delay and increase the cost of access.
  • Second, the Commission should repeal the 2015 network change notification rule, which imposes an unnecessary and costly process, thereby hindering investment in fiber infrastructure.
  • Third, the Commission should adopt criteria that can be used to readily determine which state and local laws and regulations violate Section 253 of the Communications Act and inhibit broadband deployment.


“The Commission's effort to streamline regulations is essential to deploying robust fiber networks that are capable of meeting the needs of communities throughout the U.S.,” said Fiber Broadband Association President and CEO Heather Burnett Gold. “Our proposals offer immediate steps that the FCC can take to provide the regulatory relief needed so providers can deliver faster, more affordable and more accessible broadband to consumers and businesses alike.”




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