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Enbridge Invests $6.6 Million in Smartpipe to Develop Innovative Pipeline

Smartpipe Technologies…received a $6.6 million investment…for the company’s innovative pipeline technology, designed to improve the safety and versatility of existing pipeline infrastructure. With Smartpipe’s patented technology, a high-strength, composite internal pipeline liner is pulled through an existing pipeline to increase its pipeline  and allow for improved monitoring through the use of an embedded fiber-optics line that allows for instant pipeline monitoring and leak detection….“Enbridge has been a solid partner in the development of this technology,” said Smartpipe CEO Gary Littlestar. “Public safety and environmental security have been our foundation fTechnologyrom inception….”
Enbridge Invests $6.6 Million in Smartpipe to Develop Innovative Pipeline 
North American Energy Pipelines May 2, 2022
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