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Chairman Pai Seeks USF Funding for Broadband, to Visit FTTH Council member Rocket Fiber

On March 15th, Federal Communications Commission Chairmen Ajit Pai spoke in Pittsburgh on "Bringing The Benefits of the Digital Age to All Americans".  He laid out what his four leading policy principles will be: the importance of digital empowerment, the need for ubiquitous Internet access, the power of competitive free markets, and light-touch regulation. The Chairman particularly focused on the need for government and regulation to get out of the way of innovation.  He cited his creation of the Broadband Development Advisory Committee as a key first step in laying out best regulatory practices. He used his pending visit to Detroit to provide examples of how local government regulation had threatened to slow roll deployment.  The Chairman also called for any infrastructure broadband funding to be directed through the FCC as the agency must equipped to handle its efficient allocation to the communities that need it the most.  These are all issues in which the Council is actively engaged and look forward to continue to work with the FCC.

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