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3M - FTTH demo bus hits the road in France for broadband initiative










FTTH demo bus hits the road in France for broadband initiative

3M, in conjunction with the French organization, CREDO1, is helping bring an FTTH demonstrator housed in a bus on tour throughout the French countryside. The tour bus is part of France’s larger Smart Village and THD initiatives to help reduce a growing divide in signal strength and speed by installing fiber broadband all over the country.

The CREDO bus is an experiential exhibit cleverly packaged in a bus. It shows off the latest advancements in fiber technology with an emphasis on teaching people how fiber networks work from installation to activation to use. CREDO is a voluntary organization of technology and service organizations, including 3M, who share an interest in large-scale broadband deployment.

Visitors at the bus can experience the speed of an optical fiber network, test out applications and discover new potential offered by the superfast speeds of broadband including telemedicine, eLearning and communication through fiber optic sensors. Throughout the tour, the bus will make stops in most of the 13 regions of France.

Around the world, rural areas continue to lag behind urban centers for broadband and governments are trying to close the gaps. The United States has enacted the National Broadband Plan2, and similar to France, the end goal is ensuring broadband access to all Americans from Chicago to rural Alaska. The geography in the U.S. may be too vast for a bus, but there are several relevant takeaways on how to build excitement for the cause.

The CREDO bus provides an immersive and entertaining way to generate interest for fiber deployment, while providing proof of its value. People gain first-hand experience of new technology that will soon be part of their daily lives. Once they’ve seen the coming possibilities, they’re far more likely to get involved in early signups and pilot programs. 


1 CREDO, Cercle de Recherche et d’Etudes pour le Developpement de l’optique, is a French association for the research and development of fiber optic communications,


2 The National Broadband Plan, released by the FCC on March 17, 2010, sets out a roadmap for initiatives to stimulate economic growth, spur job creation and boost America's capabilities in education, health care, homeland security and more,

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